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For the past 15 years, Charlotte Mpindi has been ministering Christ’s message of salvation and freedom to her African sisters, through a weekly radio program.  Many of her listeners have written back and shared wonderful stories of conversion and freedom in Christ.  

Charlotte produces a weekly radio program for African women.  But her listeners have been begging her to produce daily programs so they can receive the Gospel daily, especially for Muslim women who cannot freely express their interest in the Gospel.

Please, prayerfully consider partnering with Charlotte and help her reach out to Muslim women in West Africa who are forbidden to go to church, but can still follow Charlotte’s radio programs at home.  Charlotte also reaches out to Christian women in Central Africa who struggle with issues related to emotional and physical abuse, poverty, AIDS, violence, rape, and more.


In July 2016, Charlotte was the keynote speaker at three separate Seminars  in Benin and Congo.

Her topic is intercessory prayer and the intercessory role of the Christian mother for her family.

Her audiences love her!  Most of those who come to the seminars are women who listen to her radio programs.

Because of your prayers, Charlotte was able to speak with clarity and authority.

Praise the Lord!  Many hearts are open to her message

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