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Pastoral Counseling

Sometimes while Pastor Paul is at an event, a local pastor brings someone to him for a time of intense pastoral counseling. 


Pastor Paul praying for a listener in his beauty shop in Congo, January 2015.  “This man saw me and recognized me and asked for prayer. He kneeled in his shop and I prayed with him.”


This is an exciting part of Mission French Africa! The local pastor is blessed to see the Lord work in someone’s heart through the words and hands of Rev. Mpindi and is mentored in this important part of pastoral care at the same time

Bible Correspondence Courses

Mission French Africa offers a Bible correspondence course that is followed by more than 10,000 students in Congo, Central African Republic, and Benin.

The personal Bible study program is a key discipleship tool to help African believers ground their faith and behavior in the Word of God.  Many lives and families have been changed through the Bible correspondence courses program.

Leadership Institute

Approximately 75% of pastors serving local congregations in Africa did not receive formal Biblical and theological training.  This explains why Christianity in Africa is “a thousand miles wide, but an inch deep.”


To meet such a huge and urgent need, Mission French Africa offers a bi-weekly biblical and theological training to pastors in the key cities of Kinshasa (Congo), Bangui (Central African Republic) and Cotonou (Bénin).

The Leadership Institute offers 3 years if Biblical and Theological training to pastors and lay leaders who are actually serving in local churches and cannot leave to attend a traditional Biblical school or seminary.

Every year, 100 or more pastors graduate from the Institute and serve their local churches more efficiently.

Pastors' Conferences

 Praise the Lord for the good response to our first Pastor’s Conference in Yaoundé Cameroon.  It was a Great Day!

This was the first time Pastor Paul was able to present the three discipleship books published by Inter-varsity Press on January 13, 2015, to French Speaking African Pastors.

The book titles are:  Christian Ethics in the African Context10 Pitfalls for Christians Leaders; and Deep Pastoral Counseling.

Intercessor's Training

Intercessor Training was held on August 27, 2014 at the newly opened Mission French Africa Follow-up Office in Bangui, Central African Republic.


More than 50 intercessors were trained at this event and are now involved in the intercessory  ministry for their country which is devastated by the war. 

Pastor's Library

This small library is the only one in existence in the whole city of Kinshasa, Congo (12 million people) for pastors and church leaders. This library was established by Mission French Africa in July, 2014.

Only 4 of the pastors pictured, have received formal theological training.  Most of the remaining pastors are self-appointed and without training.  Mission French Africa equips pastors in Christian doctrines and pastoral counseling so they can feed the people of God in a more efficient way.

The Bangui Food Pantry

The Bangui Food Pantry is located at FATEB seminary in Bangui, Central African Republic. It serves students and their families. 

The Bangui Food Pantry has been very helpful to students and their families during times of economic crisis due to political unrest in the country. 

Christians in America

Pastor Paul preaches in English too!


He preaches at churches, chapels, campgrounds and retreats, encouraging Christians to turn to Christ and seek God’s will for their lives.


Pastor Paul preaches in churches belonging to several different denominations in California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota. He also shares MFAM with Sunday Schools and Bible Studies.

Immigrant Christians in Europe

African Christians immigrating to Europe look for a church with a worship style they are used to and comfortable with.


Swiss churches allow the African Immigrants to use their buildings and hold their own style of worship services, however, there are no trained immigrant pastors, so the immigrants self-appoint an untrained pastor to lead them.


The existing Swiss church donated the funds for Paul to preach & teach the African immigrant church leaders and made this training possible.

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