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Mission French Africa is on the air!


Pastor Paul & Charlotte are on the radio every day on 6 radio stations in three African cities.


Each city has a Follow-up Office staffed by Evangelists and Christian Counselors, whom Pastor Paul has trained.

The office in Kinshasa, Congo is staffed by 5 Pastors and Counselors and services 2 radio stations. Pastor Mimi and Pastor Alpha are the evangelist and counselor in the Kinshasa office. They also serve in the Kinshasa Christian Library.

The office in Bangui, Central African Republic is staffed by 4 Pastors and Counselors, servicing 3 radio stations. Pastor William Mbuluku is the leader in Bangui.

The office in Cotonou, Benin is staffed by two Counselors and two volunteer Counselors. Pastor Gerard Apklome is the leader in Cotonou. This office services the only Christian radio station in the country of Benin.


Pastor Paul preaching in stadiums in Kinshasa (Congo) and Bangui (Central African Republic)

Every summer Pastor Paul has been involved in mass evangelism in the city of Kinshasa where 12 million people live. The plan is to divide the city into 4 ministry outreach areas and evangelize them progressively.


Pastor Paul is working with local church leaders to achieve this bold outreach effort before 2020. 


Jesus the Messiah DVD Events in the Villages

This movie is Biblically accurate and very powerful.

Mission French Africa will use this movie as an exciting event in the villages. The movie is a good introduction to the Bible for villagers who have never heard about Jesus, and will be a great educational tool for the African Evangelists who will be able to put on these events. The DVD is in eight African languages including Lingala, Swahili, & Arabic as well as French, so it can be shown in which ever language is used in that particular village.

Mission French Africa Ministries will provide the technology and training for the events since there is no electricity in many African villages. Almost everyone in the village will come to see a movie, and the evangelist can then follow up with preaching.   Since we have a large number of these movies, we will be able to reach many people by using local evangelists. 

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