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Dr. Paul Mpindi, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Paul Mpindi is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He is married to Charlotte Mpindi, and they have three sons.  The Mpindis have been living in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the past 20+ years.


Dr. Mpindi came to the Lord at the age of fifteen, and received God’s calling for ministry in his twenties.  After graduating from, and teaching at Bangui Evangelical Theological Seminary (BEST) in Central African Republic, Paul and his family moved to Grand Rapids in 1993, where he completed a second Masters Degree (Th.M. in Old Testament), and a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Calvin Theological Seminary. 

Dr. Mpindi is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in North America.  Both Dr. Mpindi and his wife Charlotte have been commissioned by Calvary CRC in Lowell Michigan to serve as missionaries with Mission French Africa Ministries.

Charlotte Mpindi 

Women Ministry Leader

For the past 15 years, Charlotte Mpindi has been ministering Christ’s message of salvation and freedom to her African sisters, through a weekly radio program.  Many of her listeners have written back and shared wonderful stories of conversion and freedom in Christ.  

Charlotte produces a weekly radio program for African women.  But her listeners have been begging her to produce daily programs so they can receive the Gospel daily, especially for Muslim women who cannot freely express their interest in the Gospel.

Please, prayerfully consider partnering with Charlotte and help her reach out to Muslim women in West Africa who are forbidden to go to church, but can still follow Charlotte’s radio programs at home.  Charlotte also reaches out to Christian women in Central Africa who struggle with issues related to emotional and physical abuse, poverty, AIDS, violence, rape, and more.

Sue Wisniewski

Administrative Assistant

Bob VandenToorn

Finance Officer

Meet our team leaders serving in

 Congo, Central African Republic, Benin and Cameroon.


Pastor Mimi is the leader of our Follow-up Office in Kinshasa. 

She along with others, encourage and care for the Mission French Africa radio listeners in Congo. They also serve in the Kinshasa Christian Library, making theological materials available to the Pastors of Kinshasa, Congo.


Pastor William Mbuluku is the leader of our Follow-up Office in Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic (CAR).  


Pastor Ferdinand and two others work with him to provide pastoral counseling for the listeners who contact the three radio stations that broadcast Mission French Africa programs in CAR.


Pastor Gerard Apklome is the leader of our follow-up center in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin, in West Africa. 


He is the pastoral counselor to our radio listeners who come for prayer.



1. Jeff Gorter: President

Jeff is the Vice-President of R3 Continuum, a crisis management company based in Wyoming Michigan.  Jeff is married to Valery and both are parents and grand parents.  They are members of Discovery Church, a CRC church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2. Valery Gorter: Director

Valery is married to Jeff Gorter.  She is a school teacher at a charter school in Grand Rapids Michigan.  She attends Discovery CRC in Grand Rapids.

3. Patti VandenToorn: Clerk

Patti VandenToorn is the owner of Volgistics, a computer systems business based in Grand Rapids Michigan. Patti is a mother and grand mother.  She attends Resurrection Life in the Grand Rapids area.

4. Edouard Postma: Treasurer

Ed Postma is a Wealth Advisor at Plan It Financial Group based in Grand Rapids Michigan.  He is a graduate of Calvin College and attends a CRC church in the Jenison area. Ed is married and have children.

5. Dr. Brian Scheeringa, MD: Director

Dr Scheeringa, MD is a general medical practitioner in the Grand Rapids area.  He is married and a father of one.  He was raised at Calvary CRC in Lowell and attends a Christian Church in the Grand Rapids area.

6. Chad Kremer: Director

Chad is a Calvin graduate and a specialist in video and sound; he works in the Grand Rapids area. Chad is married and father of one.  He attends Keystone CRC in Ada.

7. Charlotte Mpindi: Director

Charlotte is the women voice of Mission French Africa. She has a radio ministry in French Africa. She is married to Pastor Paul Mpindi.  They are parents and grand parents. They both attend Calvary CRC in Lowell Michigan.

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